If you’re looking for HEMA clubs near you, you’ve come to the right place. Is there a chance for Historical European Martial Arts near me? you might ask and chances are good that the answer is yes.

Finding HEMA clubs via Google

To find a HEMA clubs teaching near you try to Google for variations of the following terms in your local language:

  • hema CITY/REGION”
  • swordfighting CITY/REGION”
  • historical fencing CITY/REGION”
  • western martial arts CITY/REGION”
  • You can also search for the specific weapon you want to learn like “longsword CITY/REGION”.

This might also bring up groups doing something with swords that is not HEMA, like Reenactment or SCA, which might or might not be to your liking.

HEMA Maps & Club Finders

There are various maps and HEMA club finders that you can use depending on your region:

If these maps don’t turn up a club near you, you can try asking in the HEMA Alliance Facebook group, which is the biggest HEMA related FB group.

Starting your own club

In case there is just no club near you, you can always start your own club which many others have done that were in your shoes. Make no mistake, this will be a hard road, but a very satisfying one and might be your only option.

Check out the HEMA Sources for Beginners and Books for HEMA Instructors sections of this webpage.