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About HEMA Guide

Alexander Fürgut the HEMA Guide author

My name is Alexander Fürgut and I live and teach HEMA in Ulm, Germany. This is also where my club Schwabenfedern is located, that I co-founded in 2011. You can reach me at alexander@hemaguide.com

I’m the author of the book Der Schielhau im Detail.

I’ve started teaching HEMA and running the club in 2012 after our previous instructor left and no one else was able or willing to take up the responsibility. As I found out soon enough, both teaching and managing the club are quite distinctive skills that I had to learn from the bottom up.

I’m also part of a german HEMA podcast called Schwertgeflüster – Der HEMA Podcast and I’m running the HEMA event calendar HEMA.Events.

As I haven’t previously taught any Martial Arts, I found this to be quite challenging and I was consuming as much resources on teaching, pedagogics, runing martial arts classes and HEMA as possible. While reading books and Blog articles alone won’t make you a great teacher (only plenty of practice will), they can be a great help in many areas.

Humans are only able to recognize and analyze behavior patterns they are aware about, so more information means you will be able to see more patterns to improve upon. I’m interested in further growing as an instructor, growing HEMA and in improving the level of teaching our community has to offer. I hope this guide can have a helping hand in this endeavor.

Referral Links

I am an participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Why? Mostly so I can show the cover artwork without getting into legal trouble and potentially to cover hosting costs, but as any Website owner will be able to tell you: Getting enough referrals to do that is hard and unlikely.

It would be very much appreciated if you could buy an interesting book through the links from my website to help support the project.

Does this make this website commercial?

This is an interesting question, as in theory, I could be making more money of the referral links than I pay for hosting. To make things short I have not made a plus in a single month so far and my account was even suspended at the start since I did not make a single referral sale during the first 180 days of its existing.

So no, I don’t think so.