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Der Schielhau im Detail, Liechtenauers Langschwert – Das Buch

Welcome to the exclusive presentation of "The Schielhau in Detail" – my personal instructional book for all fencing enthusiasts out there!

Have you ever sought answers about techniques in the depths of Liechtenauer's teachings? You're not alone. Most modern books on the market cover the entire Liechtenauer system in just a few hundred pages, providing breadth but necessarily lacking depth. However, my approach is different. I delve deep into the world of the Schielhau, shedding light on every aspect of this fascinating technique.

Mock Cover vom Buch Der Schielhau im Detail - Liechtenauers Langschwert. Zeigt das Cover auf einem E-Reader, Handy und einem Softcover Buch.

Why "The Schielhau in Detail"?

Because I understand that mastery requires more than an overview. I guide you through the movements of the Schielhau and show you how to tactically and strategically employ it. From the nuances of the technique to the perfect follow-up actions – this book covers it all.

I myself reached a point where I was searching for a comprehensive guide to the Schielhau. I experimented for years, and that's precisely why I wrote this book – to help other fencers master the challenges of the Schielhau. For beginners, the book provides a clear path to follow. For experienced fencers, it assists in mastering the subtleties of the Schielhau.

What's unique about my approach?

I present a variant of the Schielhau that is just as effective with full protective gear as without. This means you can practice safely while achieving mastery.

I address the key details of Schielhau technique, tactics, and strategy, as well as appropriate follow-up actions without which you cannot fully utilize it. Additionally, I provide you with a training guide and example exercises that will last for at least a full month. My goal is for all readers to be able to add this wonderful technique to their repertoire with the help of this book.

Are you ready to elevate your fencing to a new level? This book is more than just a guide – it's your personal key to an expanded repertoire in HEMA.

Be part of the journey: Don't miss the release in 2023!

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Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack bekommst du im Schwertgeflüster Podcast zum Schielhau. Ich habe zudem vor einigen Jahren ein Video zum Zornhau angelegt. Darin finden sich einige Ansätze, die ich auch beim Schielhau nutze.

"The Schielhau in Detail" – Current Status

Here, you can see the overall progress of the book. As you can see, there are still a few things to be done, but I'm rapidly approaching completion. The German release is still planned for 2023 and the English Release for 2024. 😉

Overall Progress 70%
Content 85%
Photos 60%
Layout 25%
Cover 10%
Amazon 20%
English Translation 1%